In July 2014, I was ordained as a One Spirit Inter Faith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor by the Interfaith Seminary, London, and am a registered member of the Interfaith Ministers Association (RIMA). 

My background is in theatre and literature. Born of Dutch/Canadian parents, I have also lived in the US.  I teach an elective module to first year medical students on Death & Dying: a creative response.  I perform medical role-play for med students, GPs and consultants on communication skills, breaking bad news, etc.

I became more involved in self-development work in 2005, when I attended Women in Power; I have been registrar for WiP since 2010:  I am trained in Shadow WorkTM as both a group facilitator and one-to-one coach;; I hold monthly Red Tent gatherings for women in our Creating Space Studio: I initiated a closed circle of women in 2007, after my mother’s death, and we meet once a month.  

Why do ceremony?

Is it to feed the hunger of the human heart for meaning?

To be conscious of choices? To call something in?

To simply state what is?

Ceremony is about marking moments; being present with this time, this transition; a witness to what is, what was and what we hope will be.

Ultimately it is about connection: connection to a time of transition, a marker or milestone in our life.

Maybe connection to our grief, our growth, or our gratitude, love, loss, leaving, learning; to our intention, to make a moment memorable.

To share our story as part of the flow of life moving through – whether in its sorrow or sweetness or the thousand strange shades between.

A time to pause and be with self, other, the wider web of the world that surrounds us.

Tess Howell, Making Meaning in Times of Change

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Let the beauty we love

be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways

to kneel

and kiss the ground.


Thank you for the beauty and grace with which you held us during the ceremony, Edie - and for helping us get to that point of being ready and present.  Thank you so much for all your love and care and encouragement over these past few months - for supporting us through the process of creating our ceremony with such focus and gentleness and grace, and for bringing your humour, patience and heart to help us along.   Jo & Paul

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There is a crack,

a crack

in everything;

that’s how the light

gets in.

Leonard Cohen